2020 was DIFFICULT! And that's an understatement. The year met many of us with tragic loss, illness, loss of jobs, uncertainty, frustration and grief.

Last year, I started of the year losing my favorite aunt and ended the year grieving the loss of a close friend's child. Honestly, even as a type this anxiety arises in me because the year was just so tough.

The two reasons  I made it through the year with grace and courage was because of God and my community.

I've always had faith ...& have been blessed with friends and family who walk with me through hard seasons. But 2020, literally left us isolation to face our fears and allow our courage to be awakened.

In our isolated quarantine, I realized my need to talk to others even if it wasn't face to face. I stayed connected with my family and friends on Instagram, called my friends on zoom to have worship and prayer and I stay committed with my accountability partner aka my best friend to accomplish the goals I had set.

This first collection was birth from the labor and constraints the last year placed upon me. Seeing my friend lose her child, reminded me of the pain and heartbreak, I faced a few years ago with my first child lost to miscarriage. The pain and heartbreak many of us face daily.

Losing my auntie, showed me how much I value family and the love we share whether we are near or apart.

Being quarantined,most definitely strengthened my faith and reminded me that so little is in my control. I was reminded that God was with me and that His LOVE for me sustains through all seasons of life.

This collection,celebrates the treasures in life I value, and the ones that has brought most of us through tough times: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE. And of course, our MOM OF AN ANGEL bracelet is a sweet physical treasure of the treasures many of us share.


Enjoy the collection!